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Six. Four. Three. Double IPA

In the game of baseball, a pitchers best friend is a double play which typically results from a pitcher inducing a ground ball from a batter which amounts to 2 outs for the defensive team. The most frequent type of double play is scored a "6-4-3" (shortstop to second base to first base). You could say it's as close as it gets to a home run for the vast majority of pitchers and a very nice treat. Six. Four. Three. Double IPA is bright yellow, loaded with hops, and bursting with notes of citrus, mango, and passion fruit flavor. It is considered to be a "New England" styled IPA with its cloudy yellow color and candy-sweet flavor provided by the late addition boil hops. Combining the massive flavor with a smooth finish makes this beer DANGEROUSLY drinkable as it weighs in at 8% ABV which to us is quite a nice TREAT, much like the delight of a double play in the world of baseball. 

Or... maybe its just a good play on words for a good beer. You tell us! 

ABV: 8%