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Operation Fermentation #4


Operation Fermentation is an experimental series of beers designed to achieve our perfect IPA. With each new release you can assume that we have built upon the last and are inching closer to what we perceive as perfection. The catch here is that we cannot reach the goal of perfection by ourselves, and that we need help from you as consumers to guide us in the right direction. The end pursuit of this line of beer will be heavily steered by the tastes of YOU customers and then tweaked in house by us scientists per your feedback. Through collaboration and open mindedness, we are highly confident that we will reach our goal in due time, but for now we are just excited for the ride that's in store ahead in our lab. 

#4: Is an IPA designed to be on the lighter side of things with a pilsner malt base. Like its predecessor #3, it provokes berries, tropical fruit, and citrus from the hops without adding a harsh west coast bitterness. 

ABV = 7%

Style: IPA, Session IPA