The Brew-Shed 

We would like to make an important note here as this question has been buzzing around town for quite a while now. No, unfortunately we do not have a tasting room at our brewery. Trust us, we are as bummed about it as you are. While our tiny shed that we call our brewery might be cool and unique, it is also exactly as it looks and sounds... a shed, or two sheds to be exact. It is just as illegal for us to have a taproom in our brew house as it is too small and nearly impossible to accomplish. We DO however offer the retail sale of cans in the brew house on a VERY limited basis as they are only available on weekends during our working hours. Why only Weekends? All three of us partners currently are employed full time Monday-Friday at other jobs, so in order to make production at the brewery happen we need to spend our Weekends doing what we love and hope to do full time in the future. If you are in the neighborhood or looking for cans, please feel free to stop by and see what we are up to. But you will have to excuse the mess as we are always in production mode while we are there. 

Only a select few have been lucky enough to catch us at the right time and to get a true glimpse behind the barn doors of our Fox Street brew shed... Come and see us if you dare.