The search for discovering new and unique styles of beer. An interest in ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while we enjoy the result, we’re just as fascinated by the process to get there. What started as three college roommates who had a growing passion for beer and wanted to explore how to create our own, evolved into the beer engineers known today as OEO.  


We have set out to put our own touch on the growing industry and ask if there’s a better way. As we begin our journey, we'd like to tend to a new generation of craft beer drinkers and create a new revolution. And while we respect and honor tradition, we relish the opportunity to take it further. We have been given the freedom to reinterpret brewing, and we fully intend on capitalizing. 

In 2012 while attending the University of Southern Maine and playing Division III Baseball, Lucas, Brett, and Chuck developed a passion for craft beer. It began with taste testing the many options that had become available both nationally and locally at that time, and developed into a study to learn how the brewing process really worked. Because we loved the beers that the young microbreweries had created, we saw an opportunity to join the beer revolution and fulfill our aspirations in creativity and lifestyle. From there we began to experiment on our own out of our college kitchen. Over time we turned making a mess of our kitchen into a hobby that we seemed to have a knack for. Those early successful trials fueled dreams of starting our own business that someday would allow us to do something that we felt passionately about. Dating back to 2012 we made a pact that we would own and operate our own brewery and make good use of our new found skill, compatibility as friends, and passion for creating something in which we strongly believe in and that we can share with our community. Along with spreading good beer, we and our brand would like to share inspiration for anyone that has dreams of starting their own business. As long as there is passion and there is desire to break free from the system of society, anything can happen. We are OEO, and we are here to question everything.