The search for discovering new and unique styles of beer. An interest in ingredients. An exploration of techniques. And while the result is the most enjoyable part, we’re having  just as much fun with the process that gets us there. What started as three college roommates who had a growing passion for beer and wanted to explore how to create our own, evolved into the beer scientists known today as OEO.  


We're setting out to put our own touch on the world of beer and ask if there’s a better way. As we begin our journey, we'd like to tend to a new generation of craft beer drinkers and create a new revolution. And while we respect and honor tradition, we relish the opportunity to take it further. We have given ourselves the freedom to reinterpret brewing, and we fully would like to share it. 

Way way back in 2012 while attending the University of Southern Maine and playing Baseball, Lucas, Brett, and Chuck developed a passion for craft beer. What began with heavily taste testing the many options that had become available both nationally and locally at that time, developed into a study to learn how the brewing process really worked. We fell in love with the idea of craft beer, and like 95% of 20-something-year-old's, saw an opportunity to turn a passion into a lifestyle if we could only figure out a way to be good at it. So we began to experiment out of our college kitchen. Over time we turned making a ferocious messes of that kitchen into a hobby that we seemed to have a knack for. Those early successful trials fueled plans of starting our own business that someday would allow us to do something that we felt passionately about. It was in that kitchen that we loosely made a promise to ourselves to follow through with this dream even if it took us 10+ years of saving to afford it. Little did we know then, that our dream would be captivated by a small, dilapidated red shed that hides itself in the valley of a hill on Fox Street. It's here that the legacy of our company was set (see below pics) as we embarked on a renovation that put us to a test which we would wish on no one in any circumstance. With eyes on the prize, and with no beer in sight, we carpentered our ways to having a brewery. We can confidently say that the work ethic shown while building this place can be found in each and every pour we make. Like our beginnings, we are a humble company that will stop at nothing to bring fourth the best in everything we do, whether its dedicating ourselves to reinventing beer or hammering nails, the passion burns within the open eye.