Friday Night Pints Promo.jpg

Friday Night Pints #1 


Friday Night Pints is an experimental series of pale ales that are derived from our post 9-5 late night Friday pilot brews. Much like "Friday night lights" resonates with the excitement of high school football, Friday Night Pints spells the end of another work week where we get to rush over to the brew shed and strive to garner the perfect pale ale recipe. This series will clearly show that we cherish the cloudy New England style beer and the flavors that come along with it, but will look to find a light body that balances with them perfectly. Like any series, we will be looking to make small improvements with each iteration, so your feedback will be appreciated! 

#1 is bright, yellow, and full of citrus flavor. Though flavorful, the pilsner malt base provides a light/crushable body that allows for the citra, amarillo, and mosaic hops to express themselves nicely. Perfect for anyone on a hot summer day! 

ABV: 5.5%